02 March 2012

Shakespearean March Madness 2012: Round 1.2

With yesterday's matches off to a rollicking start, it's time to bring on the next eight contenders for the title of Shakespeare's ultimate fighting champion. In the ring today: in a battle of the Roman heavyweights, Titus Andronicus vs. Coriolanus; two masters of the mob, Mark Antony vs. Jack Cade; the magical Prospero vs. the ambitious Duke of York; and the ruthless Lady Macbeth vs. the conscienceless Aaron the Moor. Who should advance to the Round of 16?

Match 5: Titus Andronicus vs. Coriolanus

Who wins the battle?

  • Titus Andronicus
  • Coriolanus


Match 6: Antony vs. Jack Cade

Who wins the battle?

  • Antony
  • Jack Cade


Match 7: Prospero vs. Duke of York

Who wins the battle?

  • Prospero
  • Duke of York

Match 8: Lady Macbeth vs. Aaron the Moor

Who wins the battle?

  • Lady Macbeth
  • Aaron the Moor


As before, my picks will be in a comment. Do you have a favorite up in this round? Let us know who you're cheering for! You might win over some new converts and turn the tide of battle.

1 comment:

  1. My picks for 1.2:

    Titus vs. Coriolanus is tough, because these guys are both fearsome military commanders imbued with Roman sensibilities. Titus is someone who doesn't care if he loses 21 sons in battle; Coriolanus can't think in anything other than martial terms. I was leaning towards Titus at first, but I think I'm actually going to go with Coriolanus.

    For Antony vs. Jack Cade, we've got two masters of mob violence, but I think Antony wins out, easy. He's much better at actually controlling the chaos he starts, whereas the reins slip out of Cade's fingers. Cade's goals are fuzzier and his methods shoddier; Antony is a master manipulator who knows just what to do with the mob he winds up and sets loose, and how to use it to exact ultimate destruction on his enemies.

    I'm taking York over Prospero not only out of familial loyalty as a Yorkist, but also because Prospero pulls his punches. He may have magic, but he doesn't exert his powers to the extent of his ability. York is hungry for what he wants and will do anything to have it, and that gives him the edge.

    Finally, I pick Lady M over Aaron, not least because if last year's champ is going to lose to a bear in the first round, we need to keep a tough lady in the mix! I also think Lady M would have no patience for Aaron's elaborate plots; he'd be drugged up and knocked out in a heartbeat.